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Where to start when you need help in the event of violence and sexual assault

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It can be overwhelming to seek help as the result of violence and sexual abuse. Here are a few suggestions of where you can start by seeking help.

If you or your child are victims of violence from a partner, family member or others, you can get help.

In serious and life-threatening situations

Call the police by dialling 112 or call an ambulance by dialling 113. The police can also provide advice and guidance.

What can the police do in the case of violence and abuse?

Call or chat with the Norwegian National Helpline for Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse – the VO-helpline

The VO-helpline – 116 006 – is a helpline open to anyone affected by domestic violence or sexual abuse. You can also chat with the service, which is offered nationwide, free of charge and around the clock.

Read more about the National VO-helpline

Contact a crisis shelter

If you are in a violent couple relationship, a crisis shelter can provide you with a safe place to stay, advice, guidance, legal aid, and referrals to other services where necessary. Children can also seek help from crisis shelters.

You can still seek help from a crisis shelter even if you don’t need to live there or aren’t in danger.

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If children are being subjected to violence or living with violence in the home


Medical assistance in cases of violence and abuse

In the event of physical injuries or after-effects, seek medical assistance.

Seek help from:

They can provide medical assistance, advice, guidance, and make referrals if necessary. Doctors and assault centres can also secure forensic evidence.

Family welfare offices can provide assistance in the case of domestic violence in families and couple relationships

Family welfare offices offer help and guidance to couples and families experiencing difficulties, conflicts or crises. They can provide help with anger and violence issues.

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Further support services in the case of violence and sexual abuse

Depending on who you are, your experiences, and the situation you find yourself in, it may be more appropriate for you to seek help from somewhere other than the places we have listed above.

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