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Are you violent or have you committed sexual assault? Considering mental healthcare?

Psykisk helsevern kan hjelpe deg som bruker vold

Have you threatened, are you violent or have you sexually assaulted your partner, children or others close to you? Then you have a violence problem and may require mental health assistance.

To get help dealing with your own anger and violence, or if you have committed sexual assault or concerned that you might do, then you may need professional help. All municipalities have services offering mental healthcare These services vary from municipality to municipality. You can seek out or contact some services independently, while others require you to have a referral.

Services that do not require a referral

Specialised services for anger or violence

Specialised services for those who need help dealing with their own anger or violence:

Specialised services for sexual abuse

Specialised services for those who have committed, or are concerned they may commit, sexual abuse:

Services that require a referral

Your GP or dentist can assess in consultation with you whether you require help from the specialist healthcare service. They can refer you on to a psychologist or psychiatrist if this is needed. Ask the person who refers you to request a therapist with knowledge of violence and abuse.

District psychiatric outpatient clinics and psychiatrists/psychologists with operating contracts

District psychiatric outpatient clinics are available nationwide and are part of the specialist healthcare service. Private psychologists and psychiatrists with operating contracts (contract specialists) are also part of the specialist healthcare service. In order to receive treatment from a district psychiatric outpatient clinic or a contract specialist, you must have a referral. If you need emergency mental healthcare, you can also contact a district psychiatric outpatient clinic directly. Treatment is offered in the form of stabilisation course and individual counselling.

Ask the person who refers you to request a therapist with knowledge of violence and traumas


SANKS is a service offering mental healthcare to the Sami population.

The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are therefore not allowed to share any information about you with others unless you consent to this or if there is an immediate risk of someone being harmed. An interpreter can be provided when necessary. When visiting a district psychiatric outpatient clinic or contract specialist, you must pay the ordinary user fee up to the healthcare exemption card limit. Which district psychiatric outpatient clinic you are affiliated with depends on where you live and what your local hospital is. Your GP can offer guidance.

Patient pathway and waiting times

When you are referred to a district psychiatric outpatient clinic, this initiates what is known as a patient pathway. The patient pathway ensures that you are offered holistic and predictable treatment without any unnecessary waiting time. The point of departure for this is that you are the expert when it comes to your own life. This means you should have more influence over your treatment.

Read more about the patient pathway at helsenorge.no

The waiting time for treatment at a district psychiatric outpatient clinic varies depending on where you are in the country. If your local district psychiatric outpatient clinic cannot offer you a good enough service, there is an option for you to be treated at another district psychiatric outpatient clinic. You can contact the information service “Select place of treatment” for questions regarding services and waiting times on the following telephone number: 800 43 573 (800 HELSE).

Check the average waiting time at your local centre (Norwegian only)


Lists of where you can get help

List of whom you can contact if you need help or someone to talk to on the website of helsenorge.no

Each health enterprise offers lists of psychologists and psychiatrists in receipt of operating subsidies (contract specialists):

Find a psychologist on the Norwegian Psychological Association’s website.


The text was written by the editorial board of dinutvei.no.


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