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What is the Support Centre for Crime Victims?

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Have you been subjected to violence, sexual abuse, assault or other criminal offences, which you have reported, or are you considering doing so?

During 2017, Support Centres for Crime Victims were established in all police districts to strengthen services for crime victims. The aim of the Support Centres is to meet your needs if you have been a victim of crime and to support you for the duration of the criminal court proceedings.

The aim of the Support Centre is to take care of those who are victims of criminal acts

The Support Centres will follow you through the criminal court proceedings, from the initial reporting of the offence to the final prosecution decision or the end of court proceedings. Anyone can contact the Support Centres, but the main target group is those reporting a crime to the police.

Here you can watch a video about what happens when you attend a Support Centre for Victims of Crime:


The Support Centres provide the following support to crime victims and their close relatives:

  • psychosocial support and help, including working through and coming to terms with what has happened, different types of psychological reactions, and coping with daily life and challenges in the future
  • assistance throughout the criminal court proceedings
  • information – primarily on criminal court proceedings and which help and support services are available
  • guidance and signposting to help and support services, including The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
  • litigation support – when a case goes to court

Most people working at the Support Centres have a social work or health professional background, and are highly qualified in relevant disciplines. The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are therefore prevented from sharing any information about you with others without your prior consent (unless there is an immediate, life-threatening situation). The Centre can provide an interpreter if necessary.

The Support Centres are a collaborative initiative between police districts and selected host municipalities. The Centres have their main base with the police services in order to be optimally accessible to individual crime victims: each centre covers the corresponding police district. The Support Centres aim to closely cooperate with local help and support services, where they will have their main professional base.

Contact information

The central national telephone number for the Support Centres is 800 40 008

You will find an overview of the Support Centres for Crime Victims on dinutvei.no (tick “støttesenter” under “Type tilbud”)

Information about Support Centres for Crime Victims on the police web-pages