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What is the MiRA Centre?

Are you a woman from a minority background who has been subjected to violence or abuse? You can contact the MiRA Centre, which works for the rights of women from minority groups, and against abuse.

The MiRA Centre works to improve the living conditions of women from minority groups in Norway.

The centre works against all forms of violence through the following:

  • crisis help and guidance
  • free consultation with a solicitor
  • group counselling
  • workshops
  • themed evenings
  • courses

You can remain anonymous, i.e. you don’t have to give your name when you contact the MiRA centre. The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are not allowed to share any information about you with others without your consent, or if there is an immediate risk of someone being harmed. Other users of the centre are not allowed to discuss anything concerning your case with others. The MiRA centre does not provide interpreters, but employs staff who speak many languages.

A referral is not necessary, and you can contact the centre yourself by phone or email, or you can visit the centre. The MiRA Centre employs permanent staff as well as volunteers. The staff includes social workers and similar professionals who have expertise about migration, gender, etc.

The service is free.

The MiRA Centre for immigrant and refugee women is a politically independent, non-governmental organisation, and is not linked to any religious groups. The MiRA Centre receives funding from central and local government. The centre also runs a number of projects funded by different donors.


The MiRA Centre is located at Storgata 53, Oslo.

Telephone 22 11 69 20

MiRA Centre’s website.

E-mail: post@mirasenteret.no or krisehjelp@mirasenteret.no