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What is an assault centre?

Have you been subjected to violence from a partner, family member or other person close to you, or are you the victim of rape or another form of sexual assault? Assault centres offer medical help and counselling. You do not require a referral and the service is free. You will receive help regardless of whether or not you wish to report the assault to the police. Certain centres are open 24/7.

The service comprises:

  • counselling in safe surroundings
  • medical examination in order to detect, treat and prevent injuries and infection
  • pregnancy testing
  • forensic examination to secure evidence
  • help in contacting the police
  • help in contacting a lawyer (free) regardless of report
  • information about follow-up services, crisis shelters and other places to get help

See this movie about visiting an assault centre:


You decide whether to make use of all or just some of our services, and someone can accompany you if you wish. You can receive help, even if the assault took place a while ago.

The staff working at the assault centre comprise a doctor, nurses and social workers. The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are therefore not allowed to share any information about you with others without your consent, except if there is a risk to life and health. Assault centres can offer an interpreter when necessary.

Assault centres are linked to emergency clinics or hospitals and are a part of the public health service.

List of Norway’s assault centres

Emergency clinic

If it is difficult for you to reach your closest assault centre (e.g. because of extreme weather conditions or long distances), you can contact an emergency clinic. The emergency clinic will assist you. Some emergency clinics can also perform forensic examinations in order to secure evidence. Call 116 117 for information about your closest emergency clinic.

The Aftenposten newspaper has made a video of an assault centre in Oslo which shows how a victim of assault is received and which services are offered.

Regional list of assault centres 


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