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What can the police do in the case of violence and abuse?

mann hilser på kvinnelig politioverbetjent

Have you been subjected to violence or abuse, either recently or a while ago? The police can offer advice and guidance, receive reports of crime and assess whether protection is needed.

Both violence in close relationships and sexual assault and abuse are punishable offences that the police are obliged to investigate. Reporting an offence can be a vital step towards getting out of a violent relationship.

Watch this film about contacting the police:


The police must be made aware that a punishable offence has taken place in order to intervene and investigate. This could come from you as the victim reporting the offence, or another person notifying the police on your behalf. If the punishable offence occurred a long time ago – and is difficult to investigate or the perpetrator is deceased – you can still report the offence.

Things to remember when reporting a crime.

When the police receive information about a serious crime, they will sometimes be able to start their investigation and instigate criminal proceedings without a formal complaint having been made by the rape victim. This is called ‘public prosecution’.

You don’t have to decide to formally report the offence before contacting the police

The police can also be a good conversation partner and provide advice and guidance. You don’t have to decide to formally report the offence before contacting the police, nor do you have to state your name or the name of other parties who are involved. The police can provide an interpreter when necessary.

If you feel threatened, the police will work together with you and implement protective measures if necessary.

Protective measures for people exposed to violence and threats.


If you are in acute danger, call the police on 112

Contact your local police on 02800

Police website: https://www.politi.no/