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BASIS – a treatment programme for inmates in prison convicted of sexual offences

BASIS er et frivillig tilbud til deg som er dømt og sitter i fengsel for seksuallovbrudd

BASIS is a voluntary treatment programme for persons convicted and in prison for sexual offences and who are in need of specialized treatment.

BASIS is a national programme, and treatment starts when you are still in prison. The aim of the programme is to prevent those convicted of sexual offences from reoffending. The abbreviation BASIS (in Norwegian) stands for the treatment of problems related to sexual offences in specialist (secondary) health services.

How do I apply for the programme?

If you are in the target group and want treatment, a prison doctor or psychologist will send a referral to a member of the BASIS team after discussing this with you. A BASIS team member will then talk to you and make a decision as to whether treatment should be provided. Occasionally, the BASIS team member may suggest other more appropriate measures if you are not directly in the target group for BASIS.

If you decide to accept the treatment, you may be moved to a prison that provides the BASIS programme. The Norwegian Correctional Service will assess whether a prison transfer meets certain formal requirements, for example with regards to safety.

From 2020, BASIS is available in selected prisons across the country:

North Region:

Tromsø Prison
Trondheim prison, including the separate divisions Leira and Kongensgate

East Region:

Halden Prison
Romerike prison, including the divisions Ullersmo and Kroksrud
The young offenders unit at Eidsvoll
Ila prison and detention centre
Bredtveit prison and detention centre

West Region:

Bergen Prison
Bjørgvin prison, including the young offenders unit, West region

South West Region:

Åna Prison
Agder prison (from 2021)

South Region:

Nordre Vestfold Prison, Horten division
Søndre Vestfold Prison, Berg and Larvik divisions

In addition to BASIS, certain prisons have other forms of help provision for inmates convicted of sexual offences. These services can be provided in groups or individually. You have a right to apply to a prison where there is a treatment programme matching your needs.

How does the treatment proceed?

The treatment is based on regular conversations with a psychologist in the prison for the duration of your prison sentence. After release, you can continue with conversations outside prison. Treatment takes place individually, not in a group. The number of treatment sessions and how frequently you need treatment is determined based on your needs, and this is assessed in close cooperation with your psychologist.

You and the psychologist work together to make a plan for the treatment. The treatment is founded upon what is known as the Good Lives model. Key issues in the conversations include: What are your life goals? How can you achieve your life goals and have a good life without committing crime?

Where can you get more information?

For more information, please contact a prison officer or the health department of the prison.

You can also contact the Specialist Outpatient Unit (SPE) at Oslo University Hospital for more information about BASIS or other treatment programmes aimed at problems relating to sexual offences. SPE is located at Gaustad Hospital in Oslo and has broad expertise in the field.

Contact information

E-mail, Specialist Outpatient Unit (SPE): post.spe@ous-hf.no

Website: Specialist outpatient unit (SPE) at Oslo University Hospital