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What is the Red Cross helpline for forced marriage and female genital mutilation?

Røde Kors-telefonen om tvangsekteskap, kjønnslemlestelse og negativ sosial kontroll

Does somebody in your family want to decide to whom you should be married? Are you afraid of being subjected to female genital mutilation? The Red Cross helpline for forced marriage and female genital mutilation can offer you advice on how to cope with such situations.

The Red Cross helpline offers advice about various forms of honour-related violence such as:

  • pressure related to entering into marriage
  • strong control from those closest to you
  • fear of being left abroad against your will
  • female genital mutilation that has already taken place, or where there is a risk of this taking place
  • family conflicts

Watch a film about the Red Cross helpline:


The Red Cross helpline also offers information and advice to:

  • people wanting to help friends or acquaintances
  • parents who find it challenging to raise children in a new culture
  • staff in health and support services or others who encounter people experiencing honour-related violence in their work

Staff who run the Red Cross helpline can help you contact other support services.

You can remain anonymous, i.e. you don’t have to give your name. Staff who man the Red Cross helpline have a duty of confidentiality, which means they will not give information to others about you without your consent.

You can also send an e-mail to info.tvangsekteskap@redcross.no, or get in touch via Facebook.


Telephone: 815 55 201

E-mail: info.tvangsekteskap@redcross.no

The Red Cross helpline on forced marriage, female genital mutilation and negative social control.