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What is the DIXI Resource Centre for rape victims?

DIXI Ressurssenter mot voldtekt er et gratis tilbud til kvinner og menn som har opplevd voldtekt og seksuelle overgrep

Have you been a victim of rape? Perhaps you know someone who has been a victim of rape?

The DIXI Resource Centre for rape victims is a free service for women and men who have been victims of rape, as well as their relatives. The centre does not offer treatment but helps people to help themselves. This means drawing on their own resources, taking responsibility for their lives and moving forward in a positive direction. DIXI supplements the treatment services offered by the state-run support systems.

DIXI offers:

  • individual counselling sessions for rape victims and their relatives
  • counselling groups for rape victims and their relatives
  • free legal aid
  • telephone counselling and guidance via e-mail and SMS
  • help with contacting health and support services
  • themed evenings, lectures and information to health and support services and others who may be interested

You can remain anonymous, i.e. you don’t have to give your name when you contact a centre. The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are therefore not allowed to share any information about you with others without your consent, or if there is an immediate risk of someone being harmed. Other users of the centre are not allowed to discuss anything concerning your case with others. The centre can provide an interpreter when necessary.

The staff who work at DIXI are professionally trained with extensive experience in the field. Some of them may also have been rape victims themselves.

DIXI is a foundation and receives funding from central and local government.



Telephone helpline 22 44 40 50 / 930 58 070

DIXI’s website: http://www.dixi.no/

E-mail: dixi@dixioslo.no