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What are Advisory centres for relatives?

veiledningssenter pårørende

Being a relative to someone struggling with substance abuse or mental illness can be challenging and affect everyday life. Despair, anxiety, fear, shame, and insecurity may be just some of the issues affecting a person in this situation. The Advisory centre provides relatives of all ages with the opportunity to talk.

Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association (N.K.S.) The Advisory centre is a professional and easily accessible service for relatives of persons with mental illness, drug/alcohol dependency, and those who have family members in prison.

The Advisory centres can provide:

  • conversations for individual clients, couples or families, either over the phone or in person
  • follow-up of children and adolescents individually or in groups
  • teaching, courses on how to manage challenging life situations, lectures etc.
  • working together with various support services.

Staff at the Advisory centres are qualified to provide counselling through professional and relevant training, and are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

The anonymity of relatives who contact an advisory centre is ensured because no record is kept of such contact.

The regional centres provide various services to the relatives of victims of domestic violence where alcohol or drug problems are part of the problem.


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