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Are you violent or have you committed assault? You can talk to your general practitioner (GP)

Snakk med fastlegen om vold og overgrep

Are you quick-tempered, easily aggravated and have problems controlling your anger? Have you threatened or committed acts of violence towards your partner or children? Then you have a violence problem. You can raise this problem with your GP.

General Practicioners (GPs) are tasked with helping patients with bodily or physical illnesses, as well as mental health and alcohol/substance abuse issues. This means that your GP is responsible for all aspects of your health and well-being when you are examined, treated and followed up. A GP will often have a good overview of a patient’s health and life situation, can be a good listener and is experienced in dealing with people who have problems.



A GP can be a good listener and has experience in dealing with people who have problems.

Your GP has a duty of confidentiality. They are not allowed to share any information about you with others without your consent, or if there is an immediate risk of someone being harmed. Your GP can provide an interpreter when necessary.

Your GP can also refer you to specialist health services if necessary, or inform about other agencies that offer help and that do not require a referral – such as family welfare offices, the Norwegian Alternative to Violence centres etc. Your GP is also responsible for coordinating, assessing and following you up when you receive help from specialist health services or other types of service.

The general practitioner scheme is part of the public health service and you only pay a statutory, small contribution to the cost.

On helsenorge.no you can find more information about your GP.