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What is Alternative to Violence (ATV)?

Alternativ til Vold tilbyr behandling til voldsutøvere, både menn og kvinner

Do you hit your partner? Are you angry, threatening or violent in other ways towards those close to you? The Alternative to Violence (ATV) foundation offers treatment to perpetrators of violence, both male and female.

The service at ATV includes individual conversations and group therapy.

All offices follow the coronavirus guidelines and are completely safe to use.

If you would like to receive treatment, you can ask your GP or other professional to refer you, or you can contact ATV yourself. If ATV is not able to provide the help you need, you may be referred to another service.

Watch this film about contacting ATV:


Most therapists at ATV are psychologists. The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are prevented from sharing any information about you with others without your prior consent, unless there is an immediate risk of someone being harmed. An interpreter can be provided when necessary.

Most offices require payment for the service, although some are free.

List of ATV services in Norway.

Some ATV offices also offer a service to victims of violence and to children who live with violence in the family.

ATV is a foundation, receiving funding from central and local government, as well as from endowments and other sources.



ATV’s website

Email: post@atv-stiftelsen.no