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What is Legal Advice for Women (JURK)?

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Have you been subjected to violence and want to know your rights? If so, you can contact Legal Advice for Women (JURK).

JURK is a free legal aid service for women. The organization provides help so that you can manage things yourself in a number of legal areas. For example, you can get information about which rights you have if you have been subjected to violence, as well as help to apply for criminal injuries compensation.

JURK provides:

  • Legal aid in specific cases
  • Information about rights
  • Lectures

Watch this film about contacting JURK:


JURK is open to enquiries from throughout Norway. You may contact JURK by phone or visit JURK’s offices in Oslo if that is an option for you. Contact information, opening hours and information about how you can register your case is available on JURK’s website. The staff at JURK have a duty of confidentiality and are not allowed to share any information about you without your consent, or if there is an immediate risk of someone being harmed. JURK can provide an interpreter when necessary.

JURK receives public funding and is run by legal practitioners and experienced law students.


Telephone: 22 84 29 50

Address: Skippergata 23, 0154 Oslo.

JURK’s website: jurk.no

E-mail: post-mottak@jurk.no