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You can find help – services for people with a sexual interest in children

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Are you afraid that you might commit child sexual abuse? Do you want to learn how to control your attraction to children? “You can find help” is a service for persons over the age of 18 who have a sexual interest in children.

Persons with a sexual interest in children often find it difficult to live a good life. But it is possible to learn to control these types of feelings.

The goal of “You can find help” is to lower the barrier for contacting help services, so that those who want and need help can easily access it. The helper’s job is to take care of you, not to judge you.

The service comprises:

About the treatment

If you want treatment, you can apply for this yourself. There is no requirement for a referral from a GP or healthcare professional. Treatment consists of individual talking therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Treatment takes place at an outpatient clinic.

The therapists are psychologists and psychiatrists who have expertise in treating people with sexual thoughts and feelings about children. The employees have a duty of confidentiality. They are therefore prevented from sharing any information about you with others without your prior consent (unless there is an immediate, life-threatening situation).

The treatment programme in «You can find help» has been developed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health in cooperation with national and international academic communities.

Read more about “You can find help” on the programme’s own website.