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What is the Relatives Centre?

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Being a relative of someone with a serious illness or disability can be demanding and mean that you also need support. There is no conflict between responsible care-giving towards others and taking good care of yourself.

www.pårørendesenteret.no (online relatives’ resource centre) provides useful literature, tips, advice and information on relatives’ rights and the help resources. You can also read about other relatives’ experiences.

The website explains how to look after yourself, a sick or disabled relative and their relatives, and how the public health service can assist you as a caregiver. The centre exists to support all relatives, regardless of their circumstances, age or how close they are to the relative they are caring for.

The centre’s “Relatives Helpline” offers relatives counselling via:

The staff speak Norwegian. Help is also available in English. Arrangements can be made for an interpreter.

The centre is located in Stavanger and offers counselling, training and education for both relatives and professionals. For professionals engaging with relatives in the health and care services, there is a dedicated website: pårørendeprogrammet.no.

Pårørendesenteret.no, the online service to relatives, was established in 2017 and is managed by the foundation of the same name, was established in Stavanger in 1998. The foundation is publicly funded.

Contact information

The Relatives Centre’s website

The Relatives Centre’s telephone helpline number: 51 53 11 11

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