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What is the National Association For Carers Within Mental Health, LPP?

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Being subjected to violence can result in a need for mental health care. If you are a relative or carer, you can receive advice and help from the National Association For Carers Within Mental Health (LPP).

The LPP is a national, interest and user organisation for relatives and carers within mental health. LPP works exclusively for relatives and carers and has local associations across Norway. In collaboration with the Relatives and Carers Centre in Oslo the LPP has set up a national helpline for relatives and carers. The LPP also runs a chat service where you can get free guidance and support. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

The website (lpp.no) also has a knowledge bank  where you can find facts, publications, research, legislation and other information about relatives and carers and their role in mental health. In the knowledge bank you will also find “Just ask!”, a small manual for relatives, carers and patients that can help you ask the right type of questions and find useful information when in contact with health services.


LPP’s website

Helpline for relatives and carers: +47 22 49 19 22

Chat service