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Are you violent or have you committed assault? What can the child health clinic and school health service offer you?

Snakk med skolehelsetjenesten dersom du bruker vold

Do you have problems controlling your temper and are you threatening, irascible or aggressive? The child health clinic and school health service is a voluntary and free service for children and young persons from 0 to 20 years of age, as well as for parents or expectant parents, and can be a good place to discuss issues.

The child health clinic and school health service offer health checks, vaccinations, home visits, health information and advice. An important part of the work is the prevention of violence and sexual assault, including female genital mutilation and honour-related violence. The child health clinic and school health service offer assistance to both individuals, families and groups.

Child health clinics/school health services cooperate closely with other municipal health services, and can also assist with referrals to, follow-up of and contact with other parts of the support system. Cooperating with schools and parents can also be relevant at a youth health clinic, but it is your decision whether there shall be any cooperation with other parties.

A doctor and health visitor will work at most locations, while at other locations you will also be able to meet midwives, psychologists or other professionals who can help you. The staff have a duty of confidentiality and are therefore not allowed to share any information about you with others without your consent, or if there is a risk to life and health. Child health clinics/school health services can offer an interpreter, when necessary.

Youth health clinic

Youth health clinics are a supplement to the school health service. The service is directed at young persons up to 20 years of age. However, some local authorities have extended the service to young persons up to 24 years of age. The health service for young persons is a service for young persons who want to talk to an adult about major and minor problems. The service offers advice, guidance, examinations and treatment suited to the needs of young persons and is provided on their own terms.

Young persons who do not attend school also are entitled to receive assistance from the health clinic.

The health service for young persons is a service for young persons who want to talk to an adult about major and minor problems

Pregnancy care

Pregnancy care and follow-up of the family and new-born infant is also an important part of the health clinics’ services. Health clinics offer information and relationship and parent counselling to pregnant women and new parents. As a part of pregnancy care, health personnel are encouraged to ask all pregnant women questions about violence – both current and previous experiences of violence. Thus, the health clinic is a place where you can take the initiative to raise questions associated with violence, for example, if you or your partner struggle to keep control of your own emotions and are aggressive and possibly commit acts of violence.

Health clinics also provide a service to people subjected to violence or assault.

Health clinics are part of the public health service.

A list of health clinics and school health services is available on your local authority website.

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