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Male victim of violence and abuse – men’s helpline

mann som holder en mobil

Are you a victim of violence or abuse? The helpline takes calls from men struggling with violence.

The men’s helpline is associated with Reform – resource centre for men. Calls to the men’s helpline are answered by someone you can talk to about most issues, including violence or sexual abuse you have been subjected to. Voluntary helpline staff are trained to counsel callers in distress.

You can also talk about relationship issues, divorce and child custody or visitation rights problems, personal aggression and physical abusiveness, loneliness, isolation and conflicts, or other situations you are struggling with. The helpline staff who answer the calls have a duty of confidentiality.

“The men’s helpline is Norway’s oldest telephone helpline service specifically aimed at men. The helpline takes calls from men struggling with violence.”

The helpline can help you address your problems, and maybe put them in a new perspective.

If you need more specialised help, the helpline staff will advise you on who else to contact.

Contact information

If you need to talk to someone urgently during daytime hours, meaning outside the men’s helpline’s evening opening hours, call Reform – resource centre for men on 22 34 09 50. They go to great lengths to take time to talk to you.

The staff speak Norwegian. Help is also available in English.

Men’s helpline 22 34 09 60Monday to Friday, 5pm – 8pm in the evening (except the majority of public holidays).

Men’s helpline website